No matter the size of the project, our fundamental role remains the same: provide our client with a finished product that meets their needs and will serve them into the future.

With over 18 years of project management experience in Northern Colorado, the team at Ditesco has the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage projects ranging from a $100,000 waterline installation to an $87 million bus transit system or $90 million municipal fiber broadband network. No matter the size of the project, our fundamental role remains the same: provide our clients with a finished product that meets their needs and will serve them in the future. This is especially true for projects that benefit local communities and provide vital infrastructure for our neighbors, friends, and family in Colorado.

Our team proactively manages key metrics to ensure a fully integrated delivery. Ditesco’s project management services span the gamut from professional services solicitation, to contract document creation, to construction oversight. Throughout delivery, we continually control cost, schedule, and quality to ensure a project is completed to the satisfaction of both the client and the community.

Ditesco routinely works with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to develop risk management plans associated with complex construction activities. It is our job to ensure that there are as few surprises as possible on a project. Our risk management tools help owners understand a project’s threats to schedule and budget, while our team develops thorough mitigation plans to prevent these threats from materializing. Risk is continually monitored through a project’s life to verify that new risks are appropriately accounted for, the status of existing risk is accurately understood, and all risks are analyzed to gauge potential impacts and probability.

We believe the single best way to manage project delivery is to proactively identify, address, and mitigate risk. Our project involvement is most valuable when we are a part of the project team from the onset. With this approach, Ditesco can minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of risk events.

We also perform constructability reviews for contract documents before they are released for construction. We have a unique understanding of what is needed to build projects due to years of experience in project and construction management. This experience gives our team a complete understanding of how construction projects are built in the field, allowing us to recognize what a contractor needs to complete a project with few delays, errors, or cost overruns.

In addition to managing risk and thereby job costs, we proactively manage projects to ensure that resources are ready, desires are being met, and that the final project goals are not lost. Strong leadership, consistent communication, and effective process management are key pillars in Ditesco’s project management approach. We have the qualifications to leverage resources so that the right people are engaged at the right time. When a project needs shift, it is important that the proper team is in place with the expertise to manage these demands.

Our Project Management Services include:

    • stakeholder outreach and communication
    • meeting management
    • risk management
    • contract management
    • constructability review