di-tes-co ['dī-tes-kō] n.

dito ~ to enrich
esco ~ to become

ditesco (latin) ~ To enrich our client's project delivery experience by providing them with exceptional service and value.


Ditesco is a program, project and construction management firm with an engineering backbone. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, our firm is dedicated to its community, and takes pride in contributing to the success of its clients.

Our work has spanned over 18 years of service to the northern Colorado community. We have been trusted with delivering projects ranging from water and wastewater treatment facilities, transportation, utilities, dams, municipal broadband, and vertical buildings. Our team has earned this trust from many clients who understand our unwavering dedication to their projects. We are committed to excellence in the PM/CM service industry.

Our success is rooted in our total project delivery philosophy, which provides value to our clients at every stage of a project. We aim to reduce construction risk by practicing active claims avoidance, ensuring our projects are delivered on time, on budget and to a high degree of quality.

Partnering team concepts are part of our day-to-day operations. This approach, coupled with strict attention to detail, allows us to successfully manage risk and lower the potential for unforeseeable costs for our clients. We understand detailed architectural and engineering design, current construction practices and the need to align both for a project to be successful.

Your success is our success.