Ditesco works with our program management clients to strategically implement long-term program approaches that lead to successful outcomes.

Success is measured by the extent to which the program meets the client’s overall needs and requirements and is facilitated by regularly revisiting priorities, processes, and procedures to ensure project teams are operating in the best interest of the program.

To meet the overall goals of a program, we work throughout project teams to ensure all elements are appropriately managed and coordinated to deliver long term benefits to the client. This begins by creating accountability from architects and engineers, to contractors who will execute the program vision. Cohesion across project teams is an essential element in realizing the comprehensive goals of a program.

We manage program budgets to ensure costs are appropriately allocated across projects using multiple cost appropriation tools that are updated and revisited throughout the life of a program. Resources are managed across the program to align with goals and objectives confirming that no element is over or underfunded.

By establishing a proactive environment from the onset, we can improve the performance of each project and deliver timely, tangible benefits.

Our Program Management Services include:

  • management of various project elements
  • Ditesco will manage quality, schedule, risk mitigation, outage planning, and record-keeping.
  • contractor and subcontractor scope management
  • Ditesco will manage work with the contractor to ensure scope and responsibilities are known and agreed upon prior to construction.
  • budgeting and cost allocation
  • Ditesco will monitor program budgets and manage costs throughout.
  • project planning
  • Ditesco will plan execution of projects including timelines, goals, quantifiable objectives, and help the client identify what long-term success looks like.