high quality, efficient network buildout

Ditesco is excited to have the opportunity to help deliver municipal broadband projects to our clients and communities. With the ever-increasing importance of affordable high-speed internet, Ditesco has the proven expertise to ensure a high-quality outside plant network is delivered on budget and schedule.



Cost: $90 Million

Location: Loveland, Colorado

Services Provided: Civil Engineering Design, Program Management, Project Management, Fiber Design

Description: Assisted with design, management, and quality control for the network construction phase including as-built documentation of all network components throughout the City. This includes all outside plant components, core, feeder fiber, vaults, handholes, cabinets, and directional boring.



Cost: $254 Thousand

Location: Southern Colorado

Services Provided: Fiber Design, Strategic Planning, Contract Management, Infrastructure Management

Description: Preparing a broadband implementation blueprint to connect 13 counties with reliable internet. Assisting the Southern Colorado Economic Development Authority by providing asset mapping, gap analysis, and site investigation, coordinating stakeholder outreach, and grant support.



Cost: $100 Million

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Services Provided: Civil Engineering Design, Construction Management, Project Management, Program Management

Description: Installation of FDH, fiber, directional boring, cabinets, vaults, flower pots, and huts to create an operable FTTP network. Hired 3/4 of the way through construction to add project controls and audit network installations and has also been designing and managing fiber network installation.

From outside plant design review and contracting through construction, Ditesco’s robust process and quality management style propels the project forward efficiently and thoughtfully. Our fiber-network services include:

  • outside plant network design
  • engineering design
  • fiber design review and conformance
  • contract administration
  • document and process management
  • schedule management
  • construction services
  • pre-construction surveys and photo documentation
  • quality assurance
  • reports and record-keeping
  • project close-out
  • post-construction services